Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary off the Hook? Not Necessarily.

No one should be surprised that the FBI recommended not indicting Hillary Clinton.  After all, she is running for President and she is a Clinton.  She is also the former Secretary of State under the Obama administration.  The same administration that the FBI, being part of the Executive branch, reports to.  So it comes as no surprise that everyone is trying to sweep this under the rug.  But that doesn’t mean these things are truly behind Mrs. Clinton.  It is now up to the American public.  The question is, will we hold her accountable?

Let’s look at some of the facts in this investigation that we learned from FBI Director Comey.

Hillary told us over and over that she never sent or received any emails marked as classified.  She did.

Hillary testified to Congress that she turned over all work related emails.  She didn’t.

Hillary and Obama stated that national security was never at risk.  It was and in fact very likely our enemies hacked into Hillary’s emails.

These are all things that could be used to bring charges against her, but that didn’t happen.  These acts, although against the law, bring up many more questions beyond the debate as to whether she should be charged with a crime.  Questions like, is the same woman who would rather put American intelligence, and American intelligence officers lives at risk simply for her convenience, fit to be the President of the United States?   Or, is the woman who isn’t smart enough to realize that she was putting American intelligence and lives at risk, smart enough to be the President of the United States?  Not to mention, this is the same woman who was Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack when our government watched as Americans got overrun and killed, but that’s a topic for another day.  I just can’t fathom putting this woman in the White House.  The American people have no control over the FBI.  But we do determine the next election.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Only in America

Terrorists inmates in Guantanamo Bay now claim that having female guards transport them is an insult to their religion.  They say that contact with unrelated women is against their Muslim faith.  I say, so WHAT!  Every day I am amazed at what’s happened to the world we live in.  Everything has been turned upside down and common sense is scarce.  Only in America would we let our captured enemies dictate to us, how they are to be treated.  Only in America, would we put the desires of killers above the rights of our own citizens.  

Now, it’s not surprising that these terrorists who want to destroy America, would make unreasonable demands.  After all, they are unreasonable people.  But what is surprising, is that WE HAVE  GIVEN IN TO THESE DEMANDS.  My first question is, who in their right mind would agree to such a thing?  The answer is,  Army Col. James Pohl, a military judge.  He issued an order that prohibits female guards from transporting these terrorists.  Here we have an American military judge not only giving in to unreasonable terrorist demands, he is making a statement that the rights of those who want to kill us are MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE BASIC RIGHTS OF WOMEN!

Right now there is a movement in the military to allow women access to the sames roles as men.  The military has even been opening its elite forces to women.  Part of Hillary’s campaign platform is on women’s rights.  And we are still talking about paying women the same as men.  In this day and age, anyone who would argue against paying women in the same job, the same as a man would be looked at as crazy - and rightfully so!  But here we are talking about putting the unreasonable desires of terrorist prisoners above the RIGHTS of American women!

So I ask, where is the outrage from the left?  Where are the women’s rights groups?  Where are the Democrats? Where are the liberals in America?  I don’t understand.  We are to believe from the media that the Democrats are the ones who are compassionate.  The Democrats stand up for the common people.  The Democrats are the great defenders of women and minorities.  Well, where are they?  They are nowhere to be found.  Luckily, there are a few of our representatives who find this as outrageous as it is, and are speaking out about it.  Senators, Kelly Ayotte, Tim Scott, and Shelley Moore Capito held a joint press conference to speak out in support of the female guards.  And what do they all have in common?  They are all Republican.  I guess that’s why we haven’t heard about this from the mainstream media.  

I know this sounds like a ridiculous question, but based on their silence, I have to ask.  Does the left really care more about the terrorists responsible for killing 3,000 Americans than American women???

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Crisis at the Border

I recently traveled outside of the country, and upon return, I had to go through customs and immigration.  On the Customs and Immigration form, they ask several questions.  Questions such as, have I been in close proximity to livestock, or whether I’m bringing any fruits or vegetables into the country.  I was also forced to have my picture taken, I assume to be put into a government facial recognition database - even though I haven’t broken any laws.  And of course I had to show my ID and have a valid passport, as well as go through a short interview process about where I was going, where I lived, etc.  

Now, compare that with what is going on at the border.  Thousands of illegals are crossing the border with no questions asked.  They don’t have ID and aren’t getting their pictures taken.  And many of them have serious diseases.  While I couldn’t get back into my home country without a passport, an interview, and pictures, we are allowing (welcoming), nameless, faceless, and in many cases, disease ridden people into our country.  What’s worse, we are putting them on commercial aircraft that you and I are flying, and shipping them all around the country.  What’s wrong with this picture?  

Why are the coming?  

We have what is now being called a crisis at the border.  Thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the border, many with severe health problems and diseases.  Parents of these children are risking their child's’ lives to send them to the US.  Why would they take this risk, and why are so many crossing the border?  BECAUSE WE ARE LETTING THEM IN!  It is really quite simple.  If we wouldn't let them in, they wouldn't come.  If we had a patrolled border and it was known that it was nearly impossible to cross - especially by a child, parents wouldn't be sending their children.  

The story of illegal immigration is a recurring theme.  We allow illegal immigrants into the country.  We don’t deport them.  We allow them to have children.  We allow employers to hire them.  We feel bad for them for having to “live in the shadows”, and then we grant them amnesty.  This has occurred several times in the past, and even our beloved Ronald Reagan is guilty of amnesty.  Starting in 1986, the US has granted amnesty seven times.  Each time was to be the last, and supposed to “wipe the slate clean”.  Each time, we are told that the border is secure.  At one point, Congress even passed a bill to build a fence.  Well, the fence was never built.  We were told it is impractical to build a fence, it would be too expensive, that it would be ineffective, and that we could better secure the border with technology.  None of this has proven to be true.  In fact, our current border isn't even secure enough to stop unaccompanied children! The fact of the matter  is that the border has never been more open and that is the way Barack Obama and his administration wants it.  

The left will tell you to have compassion for these children; that they are refugees, and we need to help them.  But this issue is not about helping foreign children.  It is about saving our country.  A country without borders is no country at all.  Right now, our government has encouraged so many immigrants to cross our borders illegally, that they cannot keep up with adequate medical screening.   The result is, we are transporting many of these children with rare and serious diseases on commercial airplanes with unknowing American passengers to places all around this country.  The threat of these contagious diseases spreading is serious but the Obama administration doesn’t want you to know about it.  In fact, any nurses or doctors at these medical facilities are being threatened with - not their jobs, but with arrest, should they talk about these risks.  This is not an administration that has YOUR interests in mind.  

Maybe I try and over simplify things, but to me, this is a very simple issue.  Let’s say you took your family on a dream two week vacation to Disney World and were staying at one of their best hotels.  After a wonderful day at the park, you come back to your hotel room only to realize that there is someone else sleeping on one of the beds.  You call down to the front desk and are told that this is someone who showed up and wanted to visit the park but didn’t have the funds to do it, so they put them in the room with you.  While you are on the phone, you hear them coughing repeatedly.  After some inquiry, you find out that they are very sick.  Although you don’t know what it is, you gather that what they have is rare and contagious.  You are also told that, not only will they be staying with you, but you will also be responsible for taking them to the park with you, paying for their ticket, and their food, as well as any costs associated with their health care.

The next day, you take your uninvited guest to the park with your family.  Although you try not to get close to them, they cough near you, and are riding on the monorail with you and your family.  You pay for their ticket, their food, and after a frustrating day at the park, you come back to your room only to realize that there are two more uninvited guests in your room.  You immediately call the front desk and are told that the two new people are family members of the first, and that it wouldn’t be fair to have one experience the park without the others.  After all, you have your entire family with you.  So, now you are staying in a hotel room with three people you don’t know, one or more have some sort of disease.  They are using your beds, your bathroom, and your money.  And you are told, you have no choice.  You even come to realize after talking with one of your “guests”, that one of them is a convicted felon.  

About this time, you realize something has to be done.  That this isn't fair.  You talk to management and demand a room to yourself, only to find out the other paying customers are experiencing the same thing.  You demand a refund, or that they stop allowing non-paying people into your room.  Then you get a call from someone who can finally do something about this mess.  Someone from the government.  You are relieved at first, thinking that your government wouldn’t allow this to happen.  But you are told that not only will you not be receiving a refund, you will be required to spend the rest of your time at the park with these “underprivileged” guests, and that if you complain to anyone, or tell anyone about what is happening, you will be arrested.  

If you knew this, would you or anyone you know, want to visit Disney World?  Of course not.  Thankfully, this isn’t reality.  But in this story, reality is even worse.  Because we are allowing people we know nothing about into our country.  They have no ID.  They don’t get their picture taken.  They aren’t asked if they have been in contact with livestock.  We don’t look into their background to see if they have ties to terrorism.  They don’t even get a proper medical screening.  Then you pay for a seat on a plane filled with legal American citizens for them.  You pay to house them, you pay to feed them, you pay for their health care, you pay to clothe them, you pay to educate them.  And then, eventually, you are told that it is only right to grant them legal status.  Do you think that the terrorists understand this?  Of course they do.  You see, the bigger risk isn’t disease, it is an act of terrorism.  We must secure our border if we are going to remain a free country.  

Are all illegal immigrants terrorists?  No.  Do all illegal immigrant have diseases?  No.  But, the fact that they are ILLEGAL, means they have no respect for the law.  We do have ways to come to this country legally.  And that is where the reform should be.  We need to make it easier for ambitious, motivated, hard working immigrants to gain American citizenship.  

Immigration is Important

I believe strongly that immigration is vital to the survival of America.  The problem with this country is America is too far removed from difficult times.  And Americans are too far removed from difficult times.  When we talk about the poor today, most have air conditioning (83%),  a cell phone (80%), a big screen tv (96%), a computer (58%).  During the depression, the poor didn’t even have food and were going hungry.  But many of them left other countries with oppressive governments where they didn’t have an opportunity to thrive.  Well, that generation overcame the hard times.  But that is all but a distant memory today.  A memory most of America has long forgotten.  That’s why LEGAL immigration is so important.  America needs people from other parts of the world that don’t have the same opportunities as we do here in this country.  We need people who know and understand how special and rare America is.  We need this constant flow of legal, motivated, and ambitious immigrants to refresh our economy, and keep alive, the memory of how far America has come.   

So, why is it that this Administration has made it so difficult to come to this country legally, and yet so easy to come here illegally?  Leave your answers in the comments below.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shut Down??

This website is dedicated to common sense – conservative common sense.  So today’s topic is the latest nonsense with the government shutdown.  When I think of the government being shut down, I think of abandoned building, parks, and museums.  But in some cases, the opposite is true.  Take the WWII memorial.  I don’t know if you have ever visited this memorial, but if you haven’t, it is outside.  There are no gates, no doors, no blockades of anykind restricting anyone access to it.  It is basically a monument in the park.  It is not something you go inside, but simply something you view.  It is an attraction that does NOT require ANY personnel in order for visitors to enjoy it.  You would think that with a government shutdown, there would be no reason for this monument to be “closed”.   In fact, there really isn’t anything TO close.  It is just a monument in the park.  I can understand a museum being closed.   It is a building, with doors.  This is not.  It is a group of beautifully carved stones honoring those that literally saved this great country in WWII.

With the government shut down, you expect that there would be no park ranger there to offer interpretations of the monument.  You would expect there to be no one from the government there.  But instead, while the government is SHUTDOWN, there are MORE federal employees there.  Since this monument has no doors or gates, the federal government had to take great pains in order to “close” it - erecting barricades so that the tax payers can’t access it.  And while the government is shutdown, the people who erected these barricades get paid.  And to make sure no one goes around the barricades, there are extra police now guarding these monuments ready to arrest anyone who tries to get close to the monument - even if you are one of those that the monument is supposed to be honoring.  Read the story here: 

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t make any sense to me.  If the government is shutdown, why are there MORE people working at a site that requires no one when the government is not shutdown.   Then again, in government there is no common sense. 


It appears that the Obama Administration is going out of its way in attempting to "make it hurt" when it comes to the government shutdown.  In fact, there are more guards at the WWII memorial than were at the Benghazi embassy when it was attacked.  The good news is, the guards there seem to have more common sense than the government.  Today, they didn't stop a group of WWII vets who broke through the barricades in order to visit the memorial.   Hats off to these guards and to the vets who wouldn't take no for an answer!