Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Shut Down??

This website is dedicated to common sense – conservative common sense.  So today’s topic is the latest nonsense with the government shutdown.  When I think of the government being shut down, I think of abandoned building, parks, and museums.  But in some cases, the opposite is true.  Take the WWII memorial.  I don’t know if you have ever visited this memorial, but if you haven’t, it is outside.  There are no gates, no doors, no blockades of anykind restricting anyone access to it.  It is basically a monument in the park.  It is not something you go inside, but simply something you view.  It is an attraction that does NOT require ANY personnel in order for visitors to enjoy it.  You would think that with a government shutdown, there would be no reason for this monument to be “closed”.   In fact, there really isn’t anything TO close.  It is just a monument in the park.  I can understand a museum being closed.   It is a building, with doors.  This is not.  It is a group of beautifully carved stones honoring those that literally saved this great country in WWII.

With the government shut down, you expect that there would be no park ranger there to offer interpretations of the monument.  You would expect there to be no one from the government there.  But instead, while the government is SHUTDOWN, there are MORE federal employees there.  Since this monument has no doors or gates, the federal government had to take great pains in order to “close” it - erecting barricades so that the tax payers can’t access it.  And while the government is shutdown, the people who erected these barricades get paid.  And to make sure no one goes around the barricades, there are extra police now guarding these monuments ready to arrest anyone who tries to get close to the monument - even if you are one of those that the monument is supposed to be honoring.  Read the story here: 

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t make any sense to me.  If the government is shutdown, why are there MORE people working at a site that requires no one when the government is not shutdown.   Then again, in government there is no common sense. 


It appears that the Obama Administration is going out of its way in attempting to "make it hurt" when it comes to the government shutdown.  In fact, there are more guards at the WWII memorial than were at the Benghazi embassy when it was attacked.  The good news is, the guards there seem to have more common sense than the government.  Today, they didn't stop a group of WWII vets who broke through the barricades in order to visit the memorial.   Hats off to these guards and to the vets who wouldn't take no for an answer!

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